wood diary

Your favourite Wooden Diaries are back again, this time redesigned for a whole new experience!!
One of KEPH’s most celebrated products are the Wooden Journals which were launched as an Exclusive range a few months ago which quickly sold out in that same week. Having minimal Machine intervention, Handmade products result in a longer Production cycle. But we’re glad to see the love you showered on us by patiently waiting for it to come back in Stock.


Many argue about the importance of Aesthetics over Functionality or vice versa, but in today's world both are equally important; and so is the intervention of Technology with the correct mix of Handcrafting. Take a peak into the Crafts of India through a Window of the modern Technology.



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A-1007, Siddhi Vinayak Towers, b/h DCP Office, near Kataria Maruti building, Off S.G. Highway, Makarba, Ahmedabad - 380051 Gujarat, INDIA