A circular High-rise Center table which makes you witness a static painting coming to life, where each figure actually seems to move, rejoicing their celebration in Stop Motion. The table takes its structure from a Stepwell, with each layer diminishing under the other forming an array of concentric circles. Each step portrays a different element of the Warli tribe’s ‘Tarpa dance’ featuring figurines, motifs, and relevant graphic interpretations used by the tribe themselves. All the layers viewed together from the top, complete the Historic painting of Tarpa dance.

But there’s more! How could we bring this breathtaking arrangement to life?

A rotation using a disk bearing is added to the upper half of the table. A basic addition to the entire assembly, but that performed wonders. A regular product found in every home was not just added with the utility of accessibility, rather it became the mesmerizing Table that holds you captive of its beauty & makes sure that you can’t take your eyes off.



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