Product Launch Perplex

An Art-book specifically designed for Artists, Illustrators, Doodlers, in fact for every Creative person out there. A Portable Sketchpad perfect for caging those beautiful memories, not by capturing a photograph but by painting the world Red instead. 

A creative diary showcasing a frame where lines play the role of thoughts overlapping each other, depicting how all our thoughts are so different in the mind but they always cross paths. This diary has been designed by exploring forms developed by the team after studying the impact of form and color on Human brain. Inspired by the primitive thought keeper ‘Brain’, PERPLEX is a sketchpad which has been furbished using select textiles with utmost perfection. Japanese binding technique shouts out to the minimal edge that makes this a never seen before product, carrying itself with a class that flaunts the exclusivity of Handcrafting. 

Not saying anymore, rather wanna check it out ?

#perplex #KEPHdesignstudio #craftdiaries #artlovers


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