Welcome to our Work-Shop

While our very first year was coming to an end, the feeling of having a physical space to work, and more over displaying our hard-work to people seemed inevitable. That's when KEPH decided to turn a small space upside down, and turn it into our Work-Studio. Ready to explore what KEPH would look like if it had a face, it took us days to comprehend it perfectly so our space communicates the very same language as Us!

Our very first Milestone | KEPH Work-Shop

Being 'Minimal with a hint of Ethnicity', our Studio space was painted with all the corners being in different colors. In the life of a Designer, their workspace is of prime importance to support their Creativity as the mood/feel of an area can majorly elevate your Productivity. So instead of making it the traditional way, we decided to spin the whole idea from converting a single Studio space into numerous different zones; merely by dividing them by creating Visual boundaries. So, now a single room serves as 4 different areas. Keeping the interiors Raw and Minimal, KEPH would now like you to meet the 1st major Milestone of their journey.

Visit us soon!



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