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Dotto Objects

Development of the Ceramic Tableware collection for Dotto Objects

In 2019, KEPH took up the opportunity to collaborate with an Ahmedabad based start-up to involve in the sampling of their Ceramic Tableware collection consisting of Plates, Platters, and Bowls.

Ceramics is a material that is rapidly conquering the Home Decor market but there are very few people who understand and explore its possibilities beyond the ordinary. When team dotto approached us with a set of ideas, they were completely unsure of its practical possibilities as they were experimenting with this material for the first time. Being young designers, challenges are what fuel our creative horses. And that's when KEPH decided to get on board with them.


The designs were almost impossible to have been achieved in a material like Ceramics, but after 3 months of rigorous research, trial, and errors; we developed the final set of Samples for the brand. The final outcome did marginally vary from the original thought but despite all the ambiguity, the end result was incredible.

Raw Collaboratoive

Trophy Design partners for Raw Discoveries by Raw Collaborative 2019

In 2019, KEPH exhibited at one of India's leading Product & Lifestyle Design exhibition which is held in Ahmedabad once every year. Along with that, the boss ladies at team Raw Collaborative extended a chance to design the Trophies for the 3rd edition of Raw Discoveries.

Based on their inclination towards the era of Modern Architecture and a fondness towards the design style of Le Corbusier, we studied the sensibilities followed by this great revolutionary architect and the philosophy which is the essence that still reflects in all his projects. Being a strong believer of the minimalist movement, he believed in simplifying what was over-exaggerated; using the most basic solutions by adding elements only where they were necessary.


Inspired by his thought-provoking ideology, KEPH designed a Trophy made using the two most basic materials available on earth, Wood and Clay. A Handbuilt possession that spoke lengths about the simplicity and minimalist approach of Le Corbusier, added to which were the natural imperfections of Hand-work, making each Trophy an exclusive one unlike any other.

Ek Design

Terracotta Table-top design collaboration with Ek Design Furniture

An ongoing collaborative design project with a Pune based Furniture design brand, Ek Design Furniture. Having met at Raw Collaborative, our friends at Ek design were highly impressed by our Ceramic Products displayed at the exhibition and this started a conversation that led into a collaboration. They had been willing to merge the worlds of Ceramics and Furniture together to build an experimental range by developing Tables with Ceramic tops.

Acknowledging their admiration towards Red clay, we decided to take the project ahead by developing Table-top samples for their Metal table structures to be made using Terracotta. We are hoping to see a lot of experimentation through the course of this alliance and bring about a set of products that stand apart.

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